Together We Are Stronger

Nevada #1

Nevada needs to be #1 in Education, Technology, Jobs, and Quality of Life.

I Care About Causes

Differences are part of what makes Nevada so great. I am ready to fight for everyone.

Opportunities to Grow

Nevada has vast opportunities for growth. Small business and big alike.

Putting the Pieces Togeather

Nevada needs the pieces like a puzzle put togeather correctly. Lower taxes, Raise Minimum Wage, Make it Easier for Small Businesses to Thrive and make it desirable for Large Tech Firms to choose Nevada.

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  • Checkout The Issues

    Working for one of the largest asset and tax law firms in the country, Anderson Business Advisors. Also, previously working as a General Manager for a hotel, here in Las Vegas, I witnessed the struggles of the working class who work hard and still cannot make ends meet. A few of the issues I see needing attention are as follows.

  • Education

    I have many friends in the education system who are teachers or administrators. Teachers shouldn’t be spending money out of their pocket to pay for materials. Nevada now ranks 47th in education, and this needs to change.

  • Small Business

    District 10 has many small businesses and unique opportunities I have seen work out. The Boulevard Mall and the surrounding area is one that comes to mind, as I lived across the street. If you have ever been inside the mall, you will notice the food court is made up of small local restaurant owners and not corporate chains. The businesses around the mall are the same. Since the $25 million investment from Sansone, it has been a pleasure to watch it grow and see the area change. Many areas of Nevada can also benefit small business with investments in new projects.

  • Growing Nevada

    New technology needs to be the forefront of Nevada. The state cannot rely on revenue from gaming and hotel industries. Nevada has many opportunities to become the Silicon Valley of the desert. Nevada should have partnership deals with large tech companies such as Google to lessen the strict regulations and allow these companies to test items like self-driving cars, Internet Balloons, and many solar technologies. Companies should want to use Nevada for high-tech solutions and when they launch, use Nevada to showcase the items.

  • Minimum Wage

    Like the previous seat holder, Senator Ruben J. Kihuen, I believe the minimum wage should also be $15 an hour. It is deplorable to think that someone in Nevada making $8.25 an hour, working 40 hours a week, is living in poverty. It needs to change, and we have the power to do so.


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